Profimex® is an Israeli based real estate investment firm. The firm serves as a premier provider of global real estate investment opportunities for high net worth individuals and institutional investors.
Profimex (Israel) Ltd, a leading cross border real estate investment firm, is the Private Equity Real Estate arm of Bamberger-Rosenheim Ltd., established in 1969. Profimex serves a wide spectrum of Israeli investors including institutional entities, banks, investment funds and High Net Worth Individuals.

The Profimex team is comprised of experienced and sophisticated real estate professionals.The investment products include a global range of investments with different strategies such as: opportunistic, value-added, debt, fund of funds, stabilized etc.

Profimex's strategy is based on co-investments through indirect property vehicles such as joint ventures and SPV, by promoting an established web of global long term relationships with leading, established real estate investment firms with proven track records and access to off market transactions.

As of year end 2007, Profimex had participated in over 120 investments as well as 12 funds around the world with a gross asset value of over 25 billion dollars and delivered to its investors an average per annum return of 21.45%.